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Unit 4 and their Program Aides canoeing on the lake

Who We Are

The Full Story

When we started out back in the 80s Lakeville Girl Scout Day Camp was nothing like it is today. We had Program Aides but they didn't have the training that we have now. And we held a lovely camp but it was held at a completely different camp. But over the years we have evolved. We decided to start training our PAs differently and develop their leadership skills. We decided to switch our camp to Camp Phillippo allowing for more advanced outdoor skills to be taught. 

We have continued to grow and evolve since our founding and still work to improve every single year. We are now proud to say that we hold an exciting and enriching day camp for Girl Scouts that hosts around 150 campers every year. And we are especially proud to say that we have an incredible leadership development program, for which there is nothing even comparable within the state. 

And we couldn't do any of this without our fantastic PAs, hardworking adult volunteers, and of course all of you.

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