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Overview of the songfest on the last day of camp, 2021

Get Involved

If you are looking to get involved directly at camp by becoming a 1, 2, or 3-day volunteer or being a Unit Leader you can fill out the Adult Volunteer registration form for Day Camp 2024.

Adult Leadership Team Positions

There is a team of adult volunteers who work behind the scenes to help put on Lakeville Girl Scout Day Camp every year. We would love to get you involved in this great opportunity. If any of these roles appeal to you please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and someone will get back to you about joining our team.

If one of these positions interests you please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Day Camp Director

Oversees all aspects of camp, including:

  • Working with Leadership Development Director to determine camp direction including programming and training.

  • Working with all other Adult Volunteers to ensure all expectation and responsibilities are being met.

  • Communication with Camp Phillippo staff prior to camp to ensure camp week runs smoothly, including staffing, meals, and programming provided by Phillippo

  • Working with PSR staff during camp week to ensure programming is executed, troubleshoots issues, makes decisions on last minute changes

Work together with GSCRV and the Lakeville Service Unit to create open communication regarding our program and publicize our youth outdoor experience and leadership development program within the community.

  • Completes all required paperwork for GSRV.

Leadership Development Directors
Purl & GMoney

  • Responsible for creating and facilitating on-going Leadership curriculum and training that prepares Program Aides at all stages with the tools and resources they need to grow in their leadership skills and deliver a quality day camp experience to our campers.

  • Provide direction and oversee all aspects of the program, including:

  • Meet with PA leadership team to facilitate enhanced leadership training.

  • Oversee and direct training needs and enlist help from subject matter experts, PAs, and adult volunteers.

  • Work with PA Leadership team and adult volunteers to determine direction of the program.

  • Determine PA advancement and placement of Mentors by using a 360 degree methodology of seeking input from program participants, adult volunteers, and PA applications.


  • Provide support and encouragement to Program Aides

  • Trouble-shoot programming issues

  • Mentor PAs

Logistics Manager

  • Works with Leadership Development Directors to determine training schedule

  • Reserves rooms/park space for monthly training, June enrichment, t-shirt decorating, and August Potluck

PA Liaisons
Cheesy & Dizzy

Prior to Camp:

  • Support the program by attending training sessions and fostering an atmosphere of servant leadership.

  • Mentor and guide PAs in all aspects of their training.

During Camp:

  • Provide adult leadership and support to PAs during camp as needed in areas such as dealing with difficult situations, dealing with adult conflict, and providing leadership guidance.

  • Provide feedback on PA performance and advancement.

PA Trainers

  • Develop and deliver all aspects of the 3-day training to girls who wish to work as Program Aides at LGSDC, including:

  • Order, coordinate, and collate all program supplies including print and awards (coordinate with print/program)

  • Determining 3-day schedule – work in conjunction with Day Camp Director and Unit Mentors as needed 

Finance Director

  • Submit any required paperwork to River Valleys staff in a timely manner.

  • Supervise the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the day camp budget.

  • Provide ongoing financial guidance and support to the Day Camp Leadership Team.

  • Train, supervise, and provide ongoing support to the day camp equipment and logistics coordinator.

  • Maintain accurate and complete financial records and ensure bills are paid.

  • Collaborate with the Day Camp Director and Program Manager for the ordering and purchase of supplies and equipment.

  • Collaborate with the equipment and logistics coordinator regarding the coordination of day camp equipment, including, but not limited to camp set up and camp closing.

  • Set up and maintain the day camp checking account.

  • Review and submit all end-of-season and financial records on time with River Valleys staff.

Program Manager
Kathy Nye

  • Supervise the planning, implementation, and evaluation of day camp programming.

  • Assume responsibilities of the day camp director in their absence.

  • Train, supervise, and provide support to the Program Aides.

  • Coordinate and supervise all program activities.

  • Work within the program and ratio expectations as outlined in the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints.

  • Work with the day camp finance manager on the ordering and purchase of supplies and equipment.

  • Assist with the maintenance of equipment, supplies, and inventories.

  • Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the day camp director.

Megan King

  • Works with Web Master to complete registration forms and payments.

  • Manages all registrations to ensure information is correct and payments and other forms are received.

  • Communicates and follows up with participants as needed to obtain complete registrations.

  • Develops rosters for Campers, PATs, PAs, and Adult Volunteers in spread sheets from registration information (check in/out, contact, medical)

Volunteer Coordinator
Megan King 

  • Communicates with Registrar to ensure enough Adult Volunteers are in each patrol to meet SafetyWise Guidelines.

  • Communicates with camper families as needed to obtain volunteers.

  • Creates a spreadsheet outlining volunteers needed by Unit and Patrol and indicating who the volunteers are.

  • Communicates with Volunteers prior to camp letting them know their role, confirming days they are volunteering, procedures for arrival and departure.

  • Checks in Volunteers each morning of camp.

Logistics Manager for Camp

  • Works with Registrar to obtain t-shirt sizes for Campers, PATs, PAs, and Committee Members

  • Orders t-shirts

  • Hands out t-shirts prior to camp

  • Communicates with Lakeville Park and Rec and Police department to inform them of our use of park and bus arrival and departure times as well as letting Police know of cars parked on Thursday night

  • Works with Registrar and Camp Director to determine number of busses required (Tues, Wed, Thurs return and Friday return)

  • Reserves busses through Schmitty’s 

  • Determine bus assignments by unit

  • Create patrol flags

  • Create shirt ties for all campers and PAs

  • Create flag calling instructions and flag assignment list

  • Coordinate Binder contents (work with Print Manager)

Print/Supply Manager and Photographer

  • Works with Day Camp Director, Leadership Development Directors, and Registrar to manage all print and supply needs, including prior to camp and for camp

  • Agendas and training materials needed for monthly training and enrichment

  • Camp Binders: 

  • Cover Sheet

  • Rosters 

  • Program Materials

  • Songbooks

  • Unit Evaluations

  • PA Evaluations

  • Coaching Cards

  • Tips for Volunteers

  • Training and Binder supplies

Web Master

  • Create, update, maintain GSDAYCAMP.COM website

  • Create, update, maintain LAKEVILLEGSDAYCAMP.COM website

  • Cultivate original training content for Program Aides

  • Work with Registrar on the purchasing aspect of registration


  • Upkeep the history of Lakeville Girl Scout Day Camp

Communication Manager

  • Create, update, maintain Slack Platform

  • Update social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

  • Email communication with parents and Program Aides

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