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Unit 5 and PAs
Unit 4 and PAs
Unit 6 and PAs
Tomahawk throwing
All camp sing-a-long
Unit 1
Unit 5 learning to shoot BB guns
Unit 5 playing in the sprinklers
PAT skit at campfire program
Unit 5 does fire building
Units 5 and 6 shoot BB guns
Unit 6 rock climbing
The dynamic duo: Quicksilver and Kaki
Unit 6 heads to Friendship point
Unit 6 rock climbing
Unit 3 and PAs
Unit 3 learns archery
Our lovely PAs
Unit 2 and PAs
Unit 6 rock climbing
unit 5 rocking it with BB guns
Fun at the pool
Unit 5 at Friendship Point
Unit 5 does metal stamping
Unit 6 does archery
Unit 6 shows off their metal stamping
unit 2 has fun with pedal carts
Unit 2 screams for their homemade ice cream
Unit 2
Unit 6 gets ready for rock climbing
Unit 2 has fun on the bounce pillow
Our lovely adult volunteers: Kim, Cheesy, Mango, Kaki
Unit 4 does a great job canoeing
Unit 4 does shelter building
Unit 4 does canoeing
Unit 6 loves their challenges
Unit 6 excels at shelter building
Unit 4 gets ready for archery
Unit 6 makes delicious s'mores
Unit 1 is ready for their boat ride
Unit 6 loves their COPE activities
We all love to relax at the pool
Check out Unit 6's awesome shelter
Unit 1 and their PAs
We love Kaki
Our very own Juliette Gordon Low
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