Parent's Corner


Q: What forms do I need to fill out?

A: Online registration from, Online health history form, Cookie credits/Grants for girls (if applicable)

Fees and Payment

Q: Why is the payment being called a deposit?

A: Due to COVID and current restricted bussing capacity guidelines by the Girl Scout Council, we will be requesting a deposit at time of registration, and the remainder once we have a firm answer from Council on number of girls we can put in a seat.  

Q: How much more could I be paying?

A: At most $82.32

Check In/Check Out

Q: When is check in?

A: Check in is at 7:30am Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Q: How will check in work?

A: Campers must provide a health check in form at sign in each day, which includes a temperature check. Campers will stay in the car and we will check in through a drive-thru process. Once we have received the health form campers will be taken to their unit.

Q: When is check out?

A: Check out is at 5:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (for anyone not attending the campfire program.

Q: If my camper is attending the campfire program what time will they get back to camp?

A: They will get back at 10:30pm.

Q: How will check out work?

A: Campers will be dismissed from the busses, the busses will have signs indicating what units and patrols are on which bus. Adults picking up must wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart.


Q: What are the COVID guidelines for bussing?

A: Girl Scouts requires that no more than one participant to a seat. The only exception to this would be that two participants from the same household can sit in the same seat.


Q: What are the COVID guidelines for units/patrols?

A: Girl Scouts requires that no more than 15 people can be in the same group. So we will be separating into more patrols so that we can comply with the guidelines.

Campfire Program

Q: Will there be an overnight program this year?

A: Unfortunately not, however the same campers that would normally be allowed at the overnight will be allowed to stay late for a campfire program.

Q: Who can attend the campfire program?

A: The only campers that can attend the campfire program are units 5 and 6.

Program Aids

Q: Do I still need a parent to sign me in and out?

A: No you will sign yourself in and out.